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The world has changed, Don’t get left behind.

You company should be advertising online. Social media presence and online marketing is one of the most powerful and valuable tools, that your company can use to generate new growth and increase profits, regardless of your size.

Recent studies have shown that social networks were found to be the biggest source of consumer inspiration, attracting nearly 73% of new clients online.

If that is not enough to convince you, 

As of November 2022, the world population stands at 7.7 billion people!

4.33 billion people have access to the internet.

Of these, 3.499 billion are active social media users.

Therefore, it’s vital that you incorporate social media into your company’s marketing and PR strategy.

There’s a reason why we’re leading the industry

Brand Design & Strategic Planning

Bring your brand to life.

We put emphasis on achieving growth and loyalty with a design and brand of genuine identity that returns a higher leverage over your competitors.

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Bring your brand to life.

Brand design and identity includes logos, colours and packaging that complements and strengthens the current reputation of your brand and product. Brand identity attracts new customers as well as making existing customers feel at ease.

It is vital that your brand identity stays consistent and stretches over all channels and media. Your brand represents and reinforces the emotions attached to your brand and must portray a message that needs to be clear and consistent regardless of where it is displayed.

C: Digital uses a brand management system that will help you not only stay consistent and clear, but also have flexibility to adapt and keep up to date with today’s ever changing market.

Our expertise ranges across a broad spectrum of industries and we aim for nothing less than perfection.

Social Media Management

We have mastered every social media platform.

Our company creates on-brand and high-quality content to tell your brand story and engage with your audience.

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We have mastered every social media platform.

  • Whether you are in need of a complete new Business profile[s] full of captivating images and content, or a refresher to your existing profile[s] – C: Digital will create striking posts that customers will recognise as and relate to your brand.

Our team will also work with you and your brand to develop a social media strategy that will reflect your brand’s objective. We will help identify your online audience, the type of content they want to see and with these findings implement methods of scheduling and distribution on your channel[s].We develop a variety of posts, from articles to industry news and company facts,  We the schedule them at optimal times to maximize who is seeing your content.

  • Social Media Advertising

Social advertising targets highly relevant leads with precise characteristics for your brand. With retargeting, we can even isolate your advertising budget to only those customers who have shown interest by visiting your site. Our system works for you, to reduce wasteful spending  and put your product in your ideal clients’ social media streams.

Audience Analytics

Audience analysis is the research of demographics, language, location, preferences, interests, and other metrics within a group. We use these metrics to analyse and provide useful consumer insights for your brand or company to make sure your marketing strategy is shown to your correct audience and target market.

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Audience analysis is the research of demographics, language, location, preferences, interests, and other metrics within a group. It is then analysed to provide useful consumer insights for a brand in the form of buyer personas. Buyer personas are at the  core to your marketing strategy. They tell you who you should be focusing on targeting, and those insights are priceless, because knowing your target audience is key to content marketing.

 We make use of Audience analytics reports to do all our pre-campaign analytics for your company. By doing this helps us to understand your audience configuration before running a campaign on any of your social media channels. Audience analytics reports also contribute to optimising current audiences and verify that you are serving to an audience you want to serve by means of campaigns, email marketing and content.

Audience analytics allow you to:

  • Profile current customers and discover new audiences.
  • Model target audiences.- Profile current audiences to generate look-alike audiences using demographics , location and interests.
  • Analyse performance: helps you gain better insight into your customers’ experience.

Company & Brand Awareness Campaigns

Our expert team can take your message to market across all digital channels. Whether you’re growing your brand, seeking new customers, or driving engagement, we’ll come up with the right advertising plan to suit your needs.

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If you want clear, honest, and noticeable results online with the opportunity to learn how they’re achieved then get in touch now to see how we can help.

  • A successful advertising campaign requires a combination of the right message, delivered through the right channels.

We put your audience at the centre of your campaign – which means we know who they are and how to connect with them.

Our creative team will use these insights to develop the Big Campaign, they will ensure that their ideas and methods are absolutely spot-on for your target audience as to achieve the greatest impact for your brand.

Team Training & Workshops

We can deliver in-house digital training at your place of work, location of choice – or even online virtual training.

Our experienced tutors will be available to answer any questions your team may have and they will be happy to walk you through practical examples on screen or in a live setting.

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What our training entails:

  • Content of our training is specifically tailored to your business
  • We explain terms and methods in a language you can understand.
  • We teach you how to create and post relevant, engaging materialto all of your social media platforms.
  • We introduce you to tools and platforms such as e-clincher and Canva which will minimise your time and effort spent on social media.
  • We help you design a Social Media Calendar tailored to your business
  • We follow up with you and your team after the training to ensure it was effective and insightful and to answer any questions you or your team might have.

Copywriting & Content Creation

We have a small but excellent content writing division. We believe in the power of quality copywriting and data-driven content marketing. Our expert copywriters and content designers will create targeted content campaigns to fuel your brand.

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We have a small but excellent content writing division at C: Digital Solutions.

Through the ages good copywriting and content has been the nr1 means of selling a product. In the digital age you need the same mind-set but apply it to social media channels.

Good content and copywriting will help you conquer your ideal customer:

  • To like or follow your page;
  • To comment on your publications;
  • To sell your product.

To get your ideal customer to take action towards your product or service you need to connect emotionally with them – at C: Digital we have a team of expert content and copywriters who do what they do best, so that you can do what you do best.

Email Marketing

Email marekting is an extremely powerful tool when implemented correctly.

Whether you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, generate leads or push for product sign ups, we can do it.

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We understand that good Email Marketing is most successful when aligned with your digital marketing strategy. Email Marketing is a key marketing channel used to share your company’s objectives, grow loyalty and remaining top-of-the mind in your industry amongst your customers. Email Marketing not only drives bigger and better leads and engagement, but is also important in obtaining more conversions through ongoing engagement with your customer.

Website Development & SEO

From web development to platform migrations, we deliver complex digital solutions at scale that elevate your brand to new heights. We utilize UX/ UI audits, sample-group interviews, and behavioural analytics to provide your company with a state of the art website, for your clients to engage with.

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  • Our web design covers all aspects from colour scheme,  visual aesthetics, layout and usability related to the user interface and user experience of the web page .

If you feel the need to update an existing web page we will do a complete UX/UI audit of the page to ensure your audience will connect and engage with your brand .

  • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Responsive
  • Pixel Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Advanced Contact Forms
  • Image & Video Gallery
  • Google Analytics and Tracking
  • Blog Integration
  • Advanced Header Navigation With Dropdowns And Menus

Complete Online Advertising

Online advertsing has become the new norm and rightly so. Companies are now able to run their ads directly to their filtered out target market.

Trust our team of online advertising experts to get your marketing strategy infront of your highest converting audience.

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Have you ever clicked on an image on Facebook or reacted to a video on Instagram? And only once you have clicked you realise it was actually an advert and not just a cute picture of a cat? More than ever, ads need to be relevant, captivating and targeted like never before.

We pride ourselves on creating high quality, high-performing content by understanding what ad content will help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

Unlike traditional marketing, with digital marketing we can keep track of how well all your advertising campaigns are performing. We pull analytics to see how many people have seen your advert and took action on the advert.Our online marketing strategies do not only focus on generating leads for our clients, but rather generating sales.

If you’re serious about generating a return on investment use our specialised team to create creative and catchy adverts to maximise your online presence and create a lasting impression on your viewers and potential clients.

Social Cyber Security Management

Cyber attacks are on the rise and your company should have measures in place. Cyber criminals are able to ruin your online presence and company reputation in a matter of minutes.
We have implemented our own 5 point Cyber security plan to assure all our clients that their pages, profiles and accounts are in safe hands, 24/7.

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Protecting social media platforms and systems from cyber attacks through means of appointing a public relations manager to your profile[s] for daily surveillance. Profiles are volatile in this day and age, and you need a company that knows how to handle a cyber attack on your social media channels– we make use of a 5 point plan ensuring your page[s] are safe and no information or followers are lost whilst dealing with a cyber attack crisis.

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